Electrical distribution in Thailand

Photo by M.O. Stevens, CC BY 3.0

As a Renewable Energies student at SRH, it is normal to wonder how the energy generation and distribution works in another country. When I was in Thailand, I saw that electric cables were still above ground unlike in Germany. However, being a total nerd, I had to find out more about where those cables came from and what the original energy source was. Thanks to NT from NCC (National Control Center – see my previous blog entry), I was able to understand the general idea of the system a little more.

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A visit to the Red Cross Logistics Center in Berlin

BA13 students visited the Red Cross Logistics Center in Schönefeld as part of their Logistics Management seminar.

In January 2015, our SRH logistics class went on a field visit to the logistics center of the German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, DRK) at Schönefeld Airport near Berlin. The logistics center was established in 2010 in this location because of the proximity to the airport.

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