Geneva International Motor Show 2016

Car Salon 1 (2)

It was finally time! From March 3rd till March 13th, they held the annual motor show in Geneva with all the sexiest cars you can imagine! It needed to be done, so I rushed to Switzerland to be part of this exhibition and drool all over the new models. You are probably asking, “But cars cause smog in cities and global warming. Why would you go see something that will basically cause the end of humanity?” Ok, that was a bit extreme, but of course I had to go see the new Tesla Model X and the hydrogen and hybrid cars. The age of innovative cars is upon us! And of course, Pagani, Lotus and Aston Martin are simply awesome. We at IBARE 14 sure love us some sexy cars that run on green fuel.

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Interview: The secret world of armored vehicles

Source: JPA Armoring GmbH
Armored car transportation. Source: JPA Armoring GmbH (all images used with permission)

I am sure we have all dreamed of having a private jet, an armored car or a teleportation device. It may seem more like a dream than reality to us students at the moment. However, those things are actually more within reach than you think! Except for the teleportation device (I am still waiting for you, NASA). Therefore, I will pull you into the world of armored cars, to make it become less of a fantasy and turn it more into a tangible, close-to-home reality. No, this is not an article about how to become rich very quickly; otherwise I wouldn’t be a student. You guessed it: it’s another interview!

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International Green Week

20160119_142929 (2)

As it should be for us renewable energy students, we went with Mr. Roland Schnell to the Grüne Woche, or International Green Week, in January this year. We just had to go try all the different free food samples from different countries. Wait, I mean we wanted to go see the bioenergy section and wood pellet heaters. But all jokes aside, the bioenergy section was very interesting. We managed to get so much information that we could write a whole essay worth 20 pages, which turned out to be our class project in the end. Either way, we learned so many new things we didn’t even know were possible that we went home a little less dumb.

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