Interview: Solar Street Lamp

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Photo by Marcelo Braga, CC BY 2.0

Previously on SRHomies, I mentioned that some members from the Renewable Energies class of 2014 (IBARE 14) are planning on designing a Solar Street Lamp for rural areas. If you haven’t read the previous blog entry yet, do it. It is funny and insightful.

By Vanda Friedrichs

The idea is that the street lamp will be powered by a solar panel and have a water collecting system; all in one street lamp. It was thought to be used for parks, or rural areas that do not have connection to electricity in poor countries. It should be somewhat mobile and durable to reduce maintenance; however, not too mobile so you can pick it up, put it in your trunk and take it home for your back garden. If you really want one, just let them know and I am sure they will sell you one. Once the project is done. In the future. At some point.

Anyway, they want to design the product, built a prototype and present their idea. I recently held an interview with the group and asked them a few questions.

What was your inspiration to do this project?

Randi: A few of us were at Intersolar in Munich and talked to a representative from Schletter, a steel company that provides casing and montage for solar panels. And we talked about street lamps powered by sunlight. Then we simply had the idea to design our own street lamp.

What is your motivation for this project?

Giselle: It is very interesting for me, as I would like to gain experience on social business from this project and apply concepts that we learned in our class to begin my career.

Jesse: I think it’s a very good idea and I am big on general water use. It is a relevant topic and social aspect that needs to be addressed.

What is your vision? What do you plan on achieving?

Randi: We planned to do this as a one year project, including researching, designing and building. We then want to present our prototype at Inter Solar next year to other companies, gain some connections and someday maybe be able to set up the street lamps in remote areas.

How far are you with the project?

Chiara: At the moment we are researching, contacting other companies that do similar things and trying to get regular feedback from classmates and professors. We are at the very start of the project and are excited as to where it will bring us.

If you have some questions you want to ask or fan mail that you would like to send, here is their email:

Updates on the project will be posted once available. Stay tuned!

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