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International Report: Lamtakong Pump Storage Power Station


New year has finally arrived and many of us have probably set new goals for 2016, whether it be finishing that book you started ages ago or finally signing up for that theater class. Mine was to finally finish the blog post of my journey to Thailand.

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Electrical distribution in Thailand

Photo by M.O. Stevens, CC BY 3.0

As a Renewable Energies student at SRH, it is normal to wonder how the energy generation and distribution works in another country. When I was in Thailand, I saw that electric cables were still above ground unlike in Germany. However, being a total nerd, I had to find out more about where those cables came from and what the original energy source was. Thanks to NT from NCC (National Control Center – see my previous blog entry), I was able to understand the general idea of the system a little more.

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International report: Thailand’s energy sources

Thailand: beautiful views and energy challenges
Hydroelectric power is one of the main energy sources in Thailand

One of the first things you want to do in Thailand, once you step out of the airport, is going to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and doing an interview. At least I did. After a week of beach time and good food that is.

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